Customer wanted a redesign of’s main content section to include more National and State articles. Previously, there was only one main story above the fold, I was tasked with creating and coding a new layout to include 3 additional articles within this area.

On the left, you will see the old version (early 2016) which had one article taking up an enormous amount of space. On the right is the new version I had created to help stylize the section as well as include more articles of interest. Other features shown here are the addition of social icons (top right) and a new email newsletter signup (top of right rail) which I had worked with PostUp to create a custom message box to keep users on the page if they signed up (Normally PostUp accounts are taken off-site to confirm signups).

As well as the front end design, I was also tasked with helping code up the Django backend so that editors could select which stories should go into the 4 sections provided. This section was also optimized to have a “Sponsored Article” selection for any future advertorial revenue possibilities.